So I’m back on here and redid it so if anyone is interested in rping with me, anyone from any fandom, please come!

» roguemarie said: hugs you!! :(

*hugs* thank you

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i am sad and miserable and depressed and podcasts just arent doing it for me anymore



      ❝ And why, Enjolras, should today be different from all other days?

"And it’s not, is it? Now what do you want?"

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i found some old dolls and i cant decide if i want to keep them or sell them because theyre really cute and one day i kind of want to have a girl at the same time i just dont want a kid at all so i dont know what to do

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bettiebloodshed commissioned me for a space au, so here’s orestes fasting and pylades drunk in SPACE

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Doodle that just after seeing Les mis in London a few weeks back (it was beautiful and i cried a lot)

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      ❝ And it’s a greater fool than me who’s hurt by the truth!


      ❝ Isn’t part of your abhorrence that I’ve never got anything to do?

"Well…no…It’s that you never have anything productive to do.”

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Do you play any instruments? Which ones?

I used to play the Baritone unfortunately

What’s your favorite hobby?

video games

Do you like cooking? What’s your favorite dish to make?


Who is your favorite muse and why?

Uhm. In Les Mis, probably Babet. Because I love the way I characterize him. because hes fun. But I’m very partial to Enjolras.

Do you have a certain genre of music that you like best? What is it?

Haha no

What’s your go-to shower song?


Last song that played.


How did you get into roleplaying?

My friend mentioned it once and I wanted to see what it was, so I googled it.

Any other Tumblr accounts?

Yes, quite a few. I have another better Enjolras, a Marius, a Babet, and then my personal

Are you a student? What do you major in / what do you want to major in?

Yes. I major in Creative Writing, Professional Writing, Literature, and History

If you could live in any one place, where would it be and why?

Paris, France, because I love France and Paris is so beautiful and has so many gr8 things

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I hate being at my father’s house. I’d rather be back in my dorm, and I can’t wait to move into my apartment in August.

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