Barricade heaven stuff.

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Cosplay makeup and sealer- $15

Feferi Jewelry - $10

Feferi Shoes- Size 9 in womens- $20

Feferi Skirt- Elastic wasitband- $80 will negotiate price

» anabundanceofcourf said: it’s been bothering me a lot too, I’ve been staying away from them

I’m scared friend, I’m scared. What happened to tumblr rp in the last couple of weeks. What has happened

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I’m so tired of this new elite class of tumblr role players. With their fancy small text on the dashboard, and the x’s in their urls, and the use of icons instead of gifs, and the self promotion panels. I just. Fuck. It makes me not even want to role play anymore, it bothers me that badly. I should just unfollow all of these people. Half of them wont role play with me anyway because i dont conform to their standards. Hm.

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So I’m back on here and redid it so if anyone is interested in rping with me, anyone from any fandom, please come!

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Casual 5:00 am reminder that I’m moving role play blogs >;]

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My Podcast on things that annoy me a ridiculous amount in tumblr role playing. Sorry for the static, and there probably wont ever be another because I’m bad at this, but it satisfied my needs for now.

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» eyesofold said: I’d listen.


cries and screams


i have a list of ideas written down of what i’d want to talk about

but im not really good at this kind of thing

the people thing

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I want to make a podcast in which i just rant about role playing things that bother me.

» helikesthewayialwaystease said: // …I fear the ‘x’. Their blogs are so slick and fancy and god, they scare the shit outta me. :c




it scares me too so much

like i feel like these people think theyre better than me

im waiting for the day someone takes my url and just becomes rxdblxckrxv or something and theyre so much cooler than me and they use that fancy font i cant read and ugh

Yeah, that’s pretty much how I feel about it summed up. But I guess trends pass and stuff too! I came back here after months and months of being inactive, and everything had changed and it scared me quite a lot. They’re like this elite, untouchable group of rpers that I really wish I could emulate for some reason??

thats exactly how i feel too, except i cant read their tiny font for the life of me. i was also inactive for a while and came back to this weird change

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